Caesar's Empire Slots

Just when you thought you saw it all, you realize you are just getting started when it comes to Caesar’s Empire, a mainstay, and still highly popular slot game by, gaming giant, Real Time Gaming. While Real Time Gaming, continues to make headway with trail blazing, five reel slot games, that are nothing short of visual gems, they still owe their bread and butter, with classic, animated five reel games. Caesar’s Empire, is one of the older, and pioneer slot games, that continues to pay homage to the legendary Caesar of Rome.

The Symbols

Even though, Caesar’s Empire is a classic, five reel slot game, it would be a mistake not to take this 20 pay line game seriously. The entire game play, takes place on the backdrop of the famous, or depending on which side of history you are on, infamous, Roman Coliseum. It is only fitting that the game symbols, all reflect the world and the power of Caesar himself. It is only fitting that the wild symbol in the game, is none other than Caesar’s gold coin. Landing a single one, will triple winning combinations on the pay line. The more you land of this wild symbol, the more you will continue to win. If you get all five of them on the pay line, you will get the top in game amount of 2,500 credits. It is also important to note that the wild will only land on the first three reels.

But we are just getting started with the symbols associated with Caesar’s Empire. In addition to the gold coin wild, other high paying icons in this game, includes, the lovely and dominating Cleopatra. This timeless beauty and the subject of one of the greatest love scandals in history, will deliver up to 2,500 credits for all five of her on the pay line. And remember, that amount can triple, all the way to 7,500 credits when you get a gold coin to fall on the pay line.

Next to Cleopatra, you have the helmet, which on its own, will pay up to 500 credits for filling an entire row with it. The sword and shield is good for 200 credits, and the pot of flowers, will come through with a 150 credits. And don’t forget about the playing card numbers, aces, all the way through 9. The ace will pay up to 125 credits, while the rest of the card numbers, is good for 100 credits.

The Bonus Round

The coliseum itself, is the scatter icon in the game. An while usually, the scatter is the key to getting into the free spins round by getting a trio of them, this is not the case when it comes to Caesar’s Empire. To get into the free spins round, you will need to get the Caesar, gold coin to land on the fifth reel, and it will set you in the nice and dare we say, imperial, free spins round. You will begin the free spins round with 10 free spins. Wins in the free spins round are doubled. And to make sure you win like a king, during the duration of the free spins, all of the coliseum symbols will be transformed to either wild Caesars or that of Cleopatra. And yes, it is possible to win more free spins.

Why You Should Play Caesar’s Empire

In addition to the history lesson, Caesar’s Empire comes with a very generous, return to player. Perhaps the best reason to play, is due to the progressive jackpot that can hit after any spin of the reels. The minimum wager to get started, is a penny. The power is all yours to take control of your own bets, by placing them manually, or setting them up through auto play mode. There is even an options button where you can tweak the game settings. Caesar’s Empire, is mobile ready, and it can be played online or for download, at many major online casinos that use Real Time Gaming as their engine.