It takes more than a stunning array of games and high octane promotions to keep customers coming back. It takes tremendous customer support as well.

About The Customer Support

Tentatively standing by 365 days of the year, seven days of the week, Casino Max provides top of the line customer support. The dedicated staff can be reached through email, live chat and through touch tone phone. Members will have the luxury of communicating with real people. And while in live chat, you will be typically addressed by more than one customer support representative. And for those who are in need of quick answers, Casino Max provides a frequently asked questions section. Some of the common questions featured here are setting up an account, registration, promotions and bonuses and common banking issues. In addition, Casino Max also makes available, a quick link to terms and conditions where you can dive into official company information, sanctioned licensing, in depth bonus terms and the official rules that the members are expected to follow. Considered about what information Casino Max collects? There is a privacy policy page, conveniently provided that breaks down the user information gathered, ip address and email information that is securely stored. Customer support also extends beyond to the customers to business affiliates. At there affiliate section, potential partners can find quick answers to learning how to become an official affiliate, payments, commissions and referrals. The customer support team also provides a frequently asked questions section which breaks down and provides answers to common questions such as joining fees, keeping track of payments, and more. There is also a terms and conditions page provided that brings forth official conduct for affiliates and detailed commission and payment terms. The people at Casino Max want all their members to enjoy a comfortable and rewarding game experience, each time you visit. But they also want you to gamble responsibly. For this reason, the customer support team has made available an extensive responsible gaming section that’s but a click away. Here, they provide common signs and symptoms of excessive and dangerous gambling habits. They also provide steps that members here can take to help prevent and deal with reckless gambling, such as placing daily limits along with setting a temporary ban from playing. And for extra measures, members here can control who can access members account to play, and who is prohibited.

Getting The Max Support

Casino Max continues to make noise in the annals of the online casino sphere. That’s for good reason by the way. It’s hard to top their impressive array of slot games which are powered by Real Time Gaming. There is even an impressive ensemble of table games including mighty, and highly entertaining poker and blackjack titles. To help get the most out of the games, Casino Max also offers high profile promotions to go along with it. But the one area that doesn’t get the most credit, is their customer support team.

Excellent Customer Support

The word is spreading about the professional and easily available customer support. Simply put, Casino Max has many ways for you to get in touch with the customer support staff. One of the easiest ways to get in touch with the customer support team is through live chat. It’s quite simple. Anytime, anywhere, even in the palm of your hand, all you have to do is press the live chat button, and you can get a hold of the customer support team. The team normally responds in mere minutes and they cover a wide arrange of issues like banking, accounting and the cashier.

Don’t Forget About Email

The next popular method to get in touch with the customer support team is through email. That’s right, the best customer support team is just a message away. All you have to do is pick your favorite email client, write your message and away you go. Bear in mind, it may take a couple of days for the customer support team to get in touch with you.

Reach Out Through Phone

And for the old, and tried true way, you can get a hold of the customer support staff here at Casino Max through their toll free number. Even nicer is the chance to speak with a real human being and not an automated robot. The customer support team is standing by 24/7 through the telephone method.

Other Avenues Of Customer Support

There is a well of information waiting for you at Casino Max. For ready made answers, you can always find what you need in the frequently asked questions page, including accounting, banking and other gaming issues. For information about bonuses and promotions, be sure to check out the terms and conditions page for those answers. There is also a privacy policy page.