Cash Bandits Slots

This is the world of cops and robbers. The goodies versus the baddies. Are you a goodie or a baddie? Join the baddies as you loot the stores and the banks with your fellow criminals. Get ready to make a getaway driving off with the squeal of the tyres, trying to escape from the cops. See your transformation from a law-abiding citizen to being a virtual criminal. There is a warrant out for your arrest and you are ready to escape the reels in Cash Bandits Slots.

Try to dodge the cops in this exciting adventure as you enter a wonderful fantasy criminal world involving cops and robbers only for you to become a wanted fugitive overnight. There are hiding places all over and you have to find them to get away from the cops and to scoop up your winnings. In Cash Bandit Slots there are so many different ways to win that you will be seeing dollar signs every time you play. With so many different ways to win why not try your luck at Cash Bandits Slot today?

Win some serious money with the 5-reel crime-fighting Cash Bandits Slot. How much loot can you get away with while staying on the wrong side of the law?

You have become a skilled bandit who is not afraid to take risks and who is going to make as much cash as he can. Get away from the cops, dodge down alleys and side streets with the cops in hot pursuit. How much cash can you get away with? You might get to like this outlaw life so much that you would find it hard to go back to your real life. You will come back to play your favourite game time and time again.

Take the money and run. Don’t look back and just run as fast as you can. Can you take the loot and make a dash for it? You can play Cash Bandits Slot on your mobile phone, on your tablet and also on your laptop. The sound effects are so realistic that you will imagine yourself in a real-life cops and robbers chase. Look out for those loud sirens and avoid the blue and red flashing lights if you don’t want to leave empty handed.

This is a real crime movie slot where getting into the vault means acquiring large amounts of cash. There is endless opportunity behind the vault door. The biggest steal is waiting behind vault no.1. Unlock the Vault Feature and win up to 90 free games at 12 times as much as you wager. Within the Vault Feature, there are 4 vaults and a traditional keypad to help you crack the code. Each vault requires a 1 digit code, a 2 digit code, a 3 digit code or a 4 digit code to open it. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and try your luck!

The main character in Cash Bandits Slot is you. Become an expert at trying to figure out how to crack the safe and get into Vault no.1 using a 1 digit code, a 2 digit code, a 3 digit code or a 4 digit code to open it. Play the exciting game of running away from the cops while they are in hot pursuit. Eluding the cops and winning lots of cash at the same time can be lots of fun. Win as much cash as you can while on the run. Cops are all over the place and avoiding them is not easy. But you have a knack of hiding and disappearing taking the treasure with you. Do not forget to take your winnings w3ith you every time you manage to get away.

Cash Bandits Slots is an exciting and fun game to play. Cash Bandits Slot is an original game with original sound effects and original graphics and it is easy to see why this game attracts players of all ages as there are thousands of players out there who dream of outwitting the cops. So get playing to win lots and lots of hard cash. You will want to play this game over and over again to have hours and hours of cops and robbers fun.

So now is the time to dodge the cops, drop the donuts and get your hands on some serious cash with the Cash Bandits Slots. This slot is not just about the cops and robbers who are trying their best to get away without being caught, but the random progressive jackpots that can be awarded after any spin. Breaking the bank in the Vault feature of this 5 reel, 25 pay line video bonus game has never been easier when you select numbers from the 10 digit keypad to crack open the code to win up to 12 x multipliers and 90 free spins!