Dragon Orb Slots

RealTime Gaming has done it again with their new game, Dragon Orb Slots! This Asian themed slot game takes online slot players back to the medieval times of slaying dragons. This magical game takes place at night with the brightness of the moon shining over tall mountains, luscious green bonsai trees, and sparkling ponds filled with majestic Koi fish. Dragon Orb Slots is a fast-paced game, with five reels, but only ten pay lines. The biggest payout is of course, the Dragon Orb symbol, with a top jackpot of 250 coins times the amount wagered. On top of all these amazing features, Dragon Orb Slots is also a progressive slots game, which will give players the chance to win a minor or major jackpot.

Step Into a Realistic View of an Asian World with Dragon Orb Slots

Dragon Orb Slots is a notch above the rest when it comes to graphics and symbols, transporting you into a magical world every time you spin. Shining slot symbols, outstanding graphics, and an otherworldly set of animations that mimic those of video games are just a few things found in Dragon Orb Slots. Fiery reds, electric blues, and daunting blacks light up the screen and entice players to play even longer. As the times are becoming more portable, players can play Dragon Orb Slots on either their home computer or the mobile device for the fun of a slot machine on the go.

Dragon Orb Slots Offers Many Unique Special Features

The Dragon Orb symbol is the only special bonus symbol in this slots game and acts somewhat as a scatter symbol, hence the name “Dragon Orb Slots”. It acts as a wild symbol and substitutes for all other symbols in the game. If a lucky player happens to land on a Dragon Orb, their winnings will increase because this also acts as an expanding wild. If an expanding wild is in effect, this will result in one free spin of the reels. As always, players who choose to play all available reels on each spin will have the best chances of winning big.

Online slot players who are looking for excellent graphics, a progressive jackpot, bonus games, and unique symbols like wilds and scatters, Dragon Orb Slots is a great fit. It’s the perfect fit for beginning players or experienced players, with easy to understand rules and a fun format.