Legend Affiliates

Legend Affiliates is looking for a good affiliate to help expand their exciting and lavishing brand of online casinos. The main Casino at this time, is Casino Max, a brand new, sheek, retro themed online casino that packs the thrills and rewards. No prior experience being an affiliate is necessary, for Legend Affiliates will train those who think they have what it takes to join the team, and help them succeed in promoting Casino Max, which means generous revenue sharing with its affiliates. Payments are paid promptly on schedule every month, and for the first three months of your new affiliate career, you will receive 50% revenue sharing.

It is a breeze setting up your new account to join Legend Affiliates. And for any questions and concerns, there are managers standing by to help you with all your needs and questions.

Become The Ultimate Fan

It is easy to fall in love with an online casino, especially those that Legend Affiliates are associated with. Some of the online casinos associated with Legend Affiliates, includes the sensational Casino Max Casino, Cherry Jackpot and Roaring 21. Together, with the immense power of the Real Time Gaming Engine, these affiliate brands have spawned enduring fans who want to take their support to a whole another level.

What’s In It For You?

There’s a lot in it for you for becoming a Legend Affiliate. For starters, you become part of an extensive family of affiliates. There is a well of information waiting for you, including a precise detailed breakdown on requirements of affiliates and official rules. In fact, there are decades long worth of experience which can help propel new affiliate members to larger awards and promotions.

Going the extra mile, you will find the built in customer support, just for affiliates. For even faster service, there is even a frequently asked questions section where you can find even more additional information on common affiliate issues like fees and registration. Detailed issues about commission, carryovers and who exactly are accepted here as affiliates.

Speaking Of Commission

When it comes to commissions, that is where it is for legend affiliates. So what is the commission all about? For starters, when you first become an affiliate, you will get your own kind of welcome package per say. For the first two months, you will get 50% of the revenue share. It is a straight up deal with no strings attached. For all other members, you can expect a revenue share between 25%-45%. Depending on how much traffic you bring in, will help determine your revenue share. Again, for any questions, just get in touch with customer support, or review the frequently asked questions section for more info.

Need More Convincing?

Legend Affiliates likes to boast of its success which is why they love to boast the testimonials from other members. For other important and pertinent information pertaining to Legend Affiliates, there is also a terms and conditions page which further breaks down rules and conducts. There is even a privacy policy page to help keep you abreast of the details and conduct you need to adhere to when you are part of the Legend Affiliate Brand. And in case you were wondering, Legend Affiliates is especially kind to the American markets.