The Mariachi 5 Slots

When you usually think about Mariachi, some Mexican fellows with sombreros typically come to mind. While there is plenty of guitar strumming going on with Mariachi 5, five skeletons take the came towards gaming greatness. Real-Time Gaming proudly presents Mariachi 5.

Real-Time Gaming Is Music To The Ears

Color and music are two main things that appear throughout you playing Mariachi 5. We’ll get deep into the details, but it is essential to highlight the sheer genius and the gaming power of Real-Time Gaming. While this award-winning slot developer originally cut its teeth with three-reel games back in the late 1990s, but since then, Real-Time Gaming has blossomed to be on top of the slot game food chain, and for a good reason. If you preview The Mariachi 5, you’ll experience everything that Real-Time Gaming stands for in a micro chasm. Its hallmark is breathtaking and beautiful graphics that The Mariachi 5 clearly has while containing elite bonus rounds, which we will touch on in this article.

Practice Your Guitar Skills

The Mariachi 5 delivers the gaming boom with intoxicating music and other essential game features, but you don’t have to rush in right away and make a deposit. The Mariachi 5 isn’t going anywhere, so you can quickly get up to speed playing practice rounds.

Mariachi And The Day Of The Dead Come Alive

The Mariachi 5 celebrates the proud tradition and legacy of Mariachi music. These elements are infused throughout the game, starting with the brilliant color scheme. To say that The Mariachi 5 is colorful is an understatement, and if you are careful enough, you might just hear some authentic Mariachi music in the background. Additionally, the game centers in the middle of an original Mexican pueblo, so as you can see that Real-Time Gaming went into overdrive, putting forth an authentic experience here.

A Rustic Game Design

The Mariachi 5 delivers in gameplay and performance. Everything you need is on the screen, beginning with the pay line system to declare the precise number of pay lines you desire to wager on each spin. The next significant trove in your gaming arsenal is the coin buttons that come through for you in tandem with the pay line system. Finally, the stage is set for you to pick up the guitar and strum some Mariachi music through manual mode, or you can rely on the dynamite autoplay feature to handle this for you. If you desire more control, The Mariachi 5 gives you just that with the options button.

The Mariachi 5 Delivers On All Fronts

From start to finish, the gamer is in for a real treat with The Mariachi 5. Of course, you can win in sterling fashion during the regular game mode, but you stand to win through the myriad of bonus rounds. The Mariachi 5 steps up with a long list of bonus rounds, mainly centering on the might of the free spins. We will talk about all of that and more when we get to the bonus rounds.

Unravel The Colorful Pay Lines

The Mariachi 5 runs the gambit with a promising 243 pay lines. Thank goodness for the pay line system because 243 pay lines is a lot to handle. But then again, wagering on the whole 243 pay lines might be your forte. That’s where the pay line system comes in. You can declare the actual number on each spin, so you get it just right every time.

Continue The Song With The Coin Buttons

The Mariachi 5 runs amuck in a good way with the stellar coin value buttons. The coin value buttons enlist you with the power of fixing your bet. The Mariachi 5 honors wagers from a penny to high dollar values. That’s the power and the grace of the coin buttons.

Have A Ball With The Paytable

The Mariachi 5 delivers the goods with phenomenal game characters. It should come as no surprise that the 5 Mariachi characters mentioned above. Each one of these masterful guitar players has anywhere from 750 to 80 credits. The festive wild symbol comes in handy by doubling winning combinations. This colorful wild firmly lands on the second and fourth reels. The skeleton donkey serves as a makeshift pinata when it comes to the bonus rounds. The Mariachi 5 rounds out the remaining and vital game symbols with the high-value card numbers.

Have A Party In The Bonus Round

The Mariachi 5 rises to the occasion with a sterling bonus round play. The pinata buys your way into the bonus round.

Power Through The Free Spins

The Mariachi 5 has the free spins and the gumption to make them work. Remember, a trio of the pinata sets you up in the free spins round. When you get here, you have the chance to pick one of the five guitar players to reveal the magical number of free spins and the winning multiplier. If you go with the red sombrero, you start off with the maximum of 15 free spins with a double winning multiplier. The blue sombrero ushers in 12 free spins with a triple winning multiplier, while the green one rises to the top with 10, along with a triple winning multiplier. The remaining guitar players deliver eight and five free spins for your trouble.

Enjoy The Return To Player

The Mariachi 5 doesn’t play games when it comes to putting you in the win column. However, because it is a top-billed RTG Slot, the return to a player ratio more than makes up for the losses, so make your bets with confidence.

The Rating Has The Right Rhythm

The Mariachi 5 continues drumming up phenomenal support by being the talk of the town among the internet chatter. In addition, many websites are talking about slot games that frequently mention this game.

The Promotions Are There

Yes, it is true. The Mariachi 5 is a staple at Real-Time Gaming casinos. Therefore, there are numerous promotions that you can use to your gaming advantage.

Having Fun With The Music

Above all, The Mariachi 5 is a slot game where you are meant to enjoy yourself.

You Can Make Money With This Musical

Yes, you can make a nice amount of coin playing this title. In addition, the online casino with this title has a myriad of banking options to make your gaming dreams come true. You can generally rely on Visa and MasterCard, along with more exotic options like Bitcoin.

This Band Heads To The Go

The Mariachi 5 is ready for mobile play on all the top smart devices, so you never miss a moment.