Achilles Slots

You probably know the legend of Achilles, son of Peleus and the sea-nymph, Thetis. This great warrior, who was so skilled in battle that even the War God Ares feared him in hand-to-hand combat, has his own slot courtesy of Real Time Gaming. It brings the classic story to life, with Achilles himself front-and-center.

It’s of a standard size at 5 reels and 20 paylines, with Free Spins delivered at a haphazard clip once you really get into the game. It’s a fitting ode to one of the great members of the Greek Pantheon of lesser gods, as Achilles became upon his eventual death at the hands of Paris - guided by the sun god Apollo.

You’ll enjoy this slot a bit more once you get a bit into the lore of Achilles and his single-handed decimation of Troy at the behest of Menelaus and King Agamemnon. This slot has many of the symbols from that fated battle, when Trojan prince Paris stole Menelaus’ wife, Helen, and fled with her across the Aegean Sea, with 1000 Greek ships hot on their trail. The graphics are about average, but the gameplay here is great. The symbols on the reels include, of course, the Trojan Horse that broke the war wide open in favor of the Greeks, Achilles, himself, The ill-fated City of Troy and the lovely Princess Helen.

The Bonus Features shall set you free in Achilles Slots; the City of Troy is the Scatter symbol, and three of them releases the goods. Multiple Free Spins - 10 at most - are added to your tally when the Scatters appear on the reels. Anything you win is doubled in value, too, making it very worthwhile to keep playing till you land these. There are other prizes with combinations of Achilles, himself; you could be sitting on a 25 Free Spin jackpot during which all prizes are tripled. Play Achilles Slot at your favorite RTG-sponsored online casino today.