High Rollers Slots

When you normally think of high rollers, winning it big at the online casino normally comes to mind, but when it comes to High Rollers Slots by Real Time Gaming, the roaring sixties is the name of the game. Real Time Gaming is known to come up with some pretty interesting and fun ideas, and boy have they ever when it comes to High Rollers.

This is a three reel game that has been quite re imagined. It comes with 5 pay lines, all packed with the spirit of the swinging sixties, available on the game screen. In fact, you have the hippie himself hanging out on the game screen. In terms of icons, there really isn't a whole lot here, but what is here, manages to pay you a nice amount. We start off with the iconic peace symbol, which is the de facto wild symbol. It will replace the other icons when it lands on the reels. You have the butterfly that will pay out a modest 6 credits for three of it on the reels. There is also the t shirt which is good for 24 credits. When it comes to the iconic bus, that is a different story. On lines one through four, you will get 48 credits, but if you are wagering on all five pay lines, that amount will grow to 100 credits.

The Bonus Rounds

Outside of the peace wild, there are no additional bonus rounds in the game, not even a free spins round, which is common place in many three reel games. The power is in your hands whether to take the spin yourself, or arrange those in auto play mode, so you can sit back and take a stroll down memory lane when it comes to the 1960s.

Other Aspects

You have additional credit buttons to help you easily make your bets with one click. To get started spinning the reels, you will need at least a nickel to get things going. The other denominations are a quarter, a dollar, and even up to five dollars. Because this is a simple three reel game, there is no options button where you can adjust settings.

Where To Play

High Rollers Slots, is widely available at many online casinos that support Real Time Gaming slot games. You can play it straight online, or for download.