Sweet 16 Slots

Enter the magical world of Sweet 16 Slots. This is the game for anyone with a sweet tooth. This game is full of gobstoppers, jelly beans, caramels, lollypops and more. This is an exciting and highly addictive game where you can win up to 2000 times your bet and prize multipliers and multiple wins are available on every spin. This game pays out big money. So eat as much candy as you crave and make big winnings.

If you have a sweet tooth, then this is the game for you. You can hit some delicious wins from your home or else on the move as this game is made for mobile phones, tablets and laptops. This game features an all ways pay structure where the more you win, the more you are likely to win. The game offer numerous opportunities to win and once you start winning, your pay outs will be bigger and bigger thanks to the increasing multipliers. The Lollipop scatters will unlock the free spins feature during which multipliers are even higher. With the cost of a single spin, you can hit multiple winning combos.

Sweet 16 Slots is an All Ways Pays game with 243 winning combinations. There is no need for you to choose your pay lines, you simply have to change the size of your bet. To increase or decrease the value of the bet, click on the little gingerbread men. The press the Spin button and you’re ready to play. Watch as the candies fall into place. If you hit any wins, your prize is added then the symbols of the winning combination will explode into hundreds of little hearts and these are replaces by the new symbols. In this way you can win multiple times per spin, and every time you make another win on the same spin, a prize multiplier will build up. As it increases, the jar in the upper right hand corner gets filled with candy this can actually go up to 10 times your win!

The Sweet 16 symbol is the Wild symbol. It counts for all symbols except for the scatter. The Lollypop is the scatter symbol. If you manage to collect three or more scatter symbols, you will trigger off 16 free games. Whenever a winning combination occurs, the prize is added, but the spin is not over. The symbols of the winning combinations explode and are replaced by new symbols in a swirl of tiny hearts. A prize multiplier with up to 10 x your prize builds up with every consecutive win on the same spin. This process is repeated until there are no winning combinations left.

You can play this game manually or automatically. Press the Spin button to play this game manually. If you opt to play this game automatically, just press the Auto Play button and enjoy a candy shower to the fullest. You can also speed up the reels and adjust music and sounds. There are all sorts of sweets on the reels including gobstoppers, jelly beans, wine gums and more. Find as many identical symbols on adjacent reels starting from the leftmost to the rightmost reel in order to win a prize.

With this game you have the advantage of morphing where winning symbols do not just disappear but they morph into another set of symbols as long as you keep winning. With each consecutive win, your pay outs can be increased by multipliers and these can go up to 10 x your win. This game is jam packed with goodies and is very appealing to play. It encourages you to play just to see how many pieces of candy you are capable of winning. One of the most important features of this game is that once you make a win, your winnings will increase in the firm of multipliers and this goes on and on indefinitely until you lose one of the games. And all of this on just one single spin!

So come on all you candy lovers, it’s time to start playing Sweet 16 Slots today and see how many sweets you can uncover and win. The more you win, the more you can eat and the more you manage to eat, the more money you will win not forgetting the morph mode which goes on and on with just one single spin!

If you have a sweet tooth, this game might be all you need to entertain yourself. You can hit some delicious wins from the comfort of your home or on the move out for You