Big Bopper Slots

The Big Bopper was an American musician, songwriter and disc jockey who was a showstopper and the rockabilly icon that captivated a generation with his spellbinding charm. He had a trademark look, style, look and a personality that propelled him to early rock and roll success. Those were the glory days and you can relive them in the Big Bopper Slots today. You can go back to the days when hip-swinging and toe-tapping were the order of the day and have a terrific time playing this game.

If you love the American rock and roll era, then this is the game for you. When you spin the reels you will win huge prizes in Big Bopper Slots. The Bopper scatter can open up three exciting features that will add to your winnings with free games and instant wins. So come on down to the dance floor and you will definitely dance your way to becoming a winner.

This game is easy to play and you can enjoy the sounds and sights of this unparalleled gaming experience. Trigger one of three exciting features when you collect Bopper scatters. Your reward could be 250 times your bet in cash or 45 free games with 10 times the winnings. To start the game, just press the Spin button and to increase and decrease your bets, press the Up and Down buttons respectively. You are on your way to winning.

With this game of slots, the results of every spin are completely random and unaffected by previous spins. Relax and play Big Bopper Slots while being transported to a different age of music history. Huge winnings are a real possibility in this game as there is a top award of 30,000 times your bet per line.

With the Big Bopper Instant Win Feature players continue to rack up winnings as long as the Big Bopper continues to sing and this feature can offer prizes of up to 250 times your bet. The Chantilly Lace Free Games are named after the Big Bopper’s most popular song, this feature continues to sole out free games as long as the big guy keeps singing. Players can score up to 45 free games with a 10 times prize multiplier. Free games keep coming in the White Lightnin’ Free Games until the Big Bopper stops singing. A grouped top-paying White Lightnin’ symbol is also added to the mix.

This is a fun game which has been dubbed ‘The New Singing Slot Game’ and this is a game where the reels actually do sing and for more fun, you can sing along with them! Here is a game which features bonus game where you keep winning as long as the Big Bopper keeps singing rock and roll hits like Chantilly Lace. The Big Bopper Slots has three bonus features that will put a wiggle in your walk and a giggle in your talk. This slot is inspired by the 50’s rock and roll era and includes black and white video footage and original songs. So put on your dancing shoes and hit the dance floor to bring back the good times and the classic tracks.

This is an all ways pays slot with six exciting reels and a top prize of 30,000 you bet per line. The scattered Bopper symbols will trigger one of the Big Bopper’s three exciting features. In the Big Bopper Instant Win Feature you will keep winning as long as the big guy keeps singing for a chance of up to 250 times your bet. In the Chantilly Lace Free Games, the Bopper’s sweet voice can help you win up to 45 games with ten times the prizes. The there is the White Lightnin’ Free Games which can add some huge wins.

The Big Bopper slot is named after The Big Bopper musician Jiles Perry Richardson Jr who leveraged a big rockabilly look, style, voice and personality to rise to stardom in the early days of rock and roll. For five years from 1954-1959, he played a key role in the evolution of American music. In 1959, The Big Bopper died in a plane crash alongside fellow musicians Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens. The event is often referred to as ‘The Day The Music Died’ as it is called in Don McLean’s 1971 song @American Pie’. The Big Bopper Slot takes you back in time with classic tracks and fun footage from Richardson’s career.

This is one of the most enjoyable games to play especially if you like rock and roll music and if you like the classic songs of the 1950’s. We are sure to have you singing with the songs and having a great time playing this game while at the same time, winning a decent amount of money.