Mermaid's Pearls Slots

How often do you get the gaming chance to go deep-sea diving, let alone with a beautiful mermaid? Never, until now. Real-Time Gaming triumphantly breaks into new ground with Mermaid's Pearls, a unique and free-spirited title that celebrates the glorious life under the sea. Real-Time Gaming delivers yet another triumph.

Real-Time Gaming Floats Along

When you thought you'd seen the best of Real-Time Gaming, this award-winning slot developer spectacularly reinvents itself. Real-Time leads the way with fabulous graphics and excellent rewards and gameplay. All of these hallmark features are available playing Mermaid's Pearls, so there is no reason to think you'll be missing out on anything. Mermaid's Pearls continues the proud Real-Time Gaming tradition of excellent bonus play and fluid gameplay when you get past the gaming graphics.

Practice Keeping Up With The Mermaid

Mermaid's Pearls has a way of sucking you into her web and flow. Indeed, this title offers many treasures that you can make your own, but there is no grand rush to place an immediate wager. Instead, there is ample opportunity for you to play some guided practice rounds, so you know where you match up with this fine title.

Make This Virtual Water World Your New Home

Mermaid's Pearls defines itself immediately as the slot game that invites you to live and float along with the lovely Mermaid in her habitat. All the details are flawless representations of the lost continent of Atlantis, complete with sunken treasure, exotic marine life, and siren as far as the eye can see. Mermaid's Pearls is highly interactive, so you will encounter fish and other sea life moving around on the reels, along with bubbles floating throughout the game screen. The fonts are charming and reflect the feminine tone of Mermaid's Pearls.

It's Easy To Use The Game Symbols

Mermaid's Pearls equips you with everything you need for a successful swim and encounter. The pay line system is charming and straightforward to use. The coin buttons make it simple to float to winning greatness when you play Mermaid's Pearls. Mermaid's Pearls follows up the sensational money system with a robust and straightforward autoplay feature. It is up to you to keep up with this beautiful Mermaid by placing through manual mode, or you can let the autoplay feature handle this affair for you. Mermaid's Pearls offers an options button for the player to tweak the game settings to your needs.

Mermaid's Pearls Streaks To Victory

Mermaid's Pearls delivers the gaming goodness in a variety of ways to win. Sure, the siren leads you to the promised land during the regular game mode, but this enchanting muse paves the way for additional bonus wins in the bonus rounds. Mermaid's Pearls unfurls the pearl meter that always leads to something grand and lovely, and it follows this up with the shipwreck bonus feature and the outstanding treasure pearl bonus round.

Enjoy A Flotilla Of Pay Lines

Mermaid's Pearls plays for keeps with the sensational pay lines. Yes, Mermaid's Pearls features a splendid 3,125 pay lines. Yes, you heard correctly about those pay lines. Mermaid's Pearls bestows upon you the requisite pay lines to manage this aqua affair. Perhaps you can win over the Mermaid's heart by wagering on the whole 3,125 pay lines, or maybe you want to look around some more with a smaller and more calculated pay line wager. Either way, Mermaid's Pearls equips you with the pay line system just for that.

There Are Plenty Of Bubbles With The Coin Value Buttons

Mermaid's Pearls follows up the sensational pay line system with an opportune coin button system. However, declaring the pay lines is only the first step for Mermaid's Pearls, so you need to follow that up with the coin value buttons. The range is vast here, starting at a penny and quickly swelling to great dollar values.

The Paytable Is Out Of This World

Mermaid's Pearls delivers the gaming boom with a sensational and riveting paytable system. Hopefully, it doesn't come as any surprise that Mermaid's Pearl doesn't come with a traditional wild symbol. With the elite pearl meter and the spectacular 3,125 pay lines, all of your bases are covered for a good victory.

The Mermaid makes a striking appearance on the reels by shelling out up to 200 credits. But she isn't the only one. Mermaid's Pearls features three other sirens that not only are beautiful but deliver the winning goods with 100 to fifty credits. The remaining game features are the seashells and the sea horn. By shrinking the gaming pool, Mermaid's Pearls increases your odds of a substantial winning chance. Please don't forget that Mermaid's Pearls increases your winning odds by delivering winning combinations from both sides of the reels as well as diagonally.

Making A Splash In The Bonus Round

Mermaid's Pearls' streaks to the bottom of the sea, starting with the exciting pearl meter, where up to 25 pearls might land randomly on the pay lines. This sensational feature leads to the pearl meter filling up. Mermaid's Pearls rewards you with elite winning jackpot amounts ranging from five to the fancy 2,500 credits at different stages of the pearl meter. Mermaid's Pearls follows up this winning monolith with the shipwreck bonus feature. What would a Mermaid title be without a wrecked ship? Mermaid's Pearls doesn't disappoint with this off-colored round where you get to pick among four magic pearls when the pearl meter reaches three hundred. The magical Pearl you choose determines your prize.

When you move past the shipwreck, you enter the heart of the Pearl. Mermaid's Pearl livens up the game action with the treasure pearl feature. When the pearl meter reaches 600, the fun begins with ten free spins.

Bring On The Free Spins

Mermaid's Pearls features a lovely free spins round with ten free spins courtesy of the treasure pearl feature. In this free spins round, the winning multipliers grow at a random pace between one and five.

Swim Along With The Return To Player

Mermaid's Pearls showcases a tremendous return to player that comes via Real-Time Gaming.

Witness The Adorable Game Rating

Mermaid's Pearls is the talk of the gaming town among the internet chatter ranks.

Win By Diving

Mermaid's Pearls works like a charm in the heart of Real-Time Gaming casinos. These same casinos have numerous promotions that you can use to your advantage playing Mermaid's Pearls.

Having Fun With The Siren

While Mermaid's Pearls offers many game jewels and paths to victory, please don't forget about the bonus play mode where you can hone your skills.

Mermaid's Pearls Breaks The Bank

To get into the siren's lair, you must make a deposit. That's no problem. Mermaid's Pearls benefits from the standard deposit options.

Take The Mermaid With You

Mermaid's Pearls works beautifully on the major smart devices and laptops.