Pirate Isle Slots

Ahoy there! Are you ready to board the pirate ship as you discover a world of treasure and mischief? Get ready to walk the plank as you experience a sailing world of pirate ships and treasure. Discover an exciting world of galleons and treasure chests. Welcome to the amazing world of pirates and sail with your newly found friends hoisting the jolly roger flag.

Hop on board a pirate ship and help the pirates take over other ships and steal the treasures that are found aboard them. Travel to faraway places as you join the pirates on their quest for treasure. Hopefully the pirates will share their booty with you if they like you. If all goes well, and the pirates take a liking to you, you could be very rich when this game is over. However, what exactly will happen if they do not like you? You could be condemned to walk the plank in a shark infested sea.

They could enslave you and make you work for them or else they might just do away with you. Are you ready to take the risk in search of the ultimate pirate treasure? Are you willing to try your luck in the pirates’ world? Do you dare to see what lies ahead for you? Enjoy your favourite game wandering around on the ocean. Enter this exciting world and start playing this game with the rest of your friends on the galleon. Then get ready to be rewarded in this dangerously fun game with 25 fixed pay lines. To add to the excitement of the game, there is a random jackpot, free spins, a multiplier feature, wilds and scatters that will trigger the free spins.

You can randomly win a progressive jackpot at any time during the game. Progressive jackpots can pop up at any given time and these will increase your winnings dramatically! The more games you play the more chances you have of winning the progressive jackpot. In Pirate Isle Slots the progressive jackpot can be triggered at any random time during play. So what are you waiting for?

You can play for as little as 1 cent to as much as $6.25 a line. The choice is up to you. This game is a 25-fixed pay line game. Pirate Isle Slots features the Extra Bet Broadside Feature that lets you get bigger wins and also bigger jackpots. When activated, you can also place an extra bet worth 5 times the bet per line. When you hit 3 or more galleons, you will trigger the feature. Then exchange broadsides with an enemy Galleon. When you do, you will automatically move up the prize ladder. You will face new enemies until you face off against 5 opponents, or until you are defeated, whichever comes first. If you manage to make it to the top of the ladder, the Pirate’s Treasure Jackpot is yours.

There are two scatter symbols in Pirate Isle Slots. Both Galleon and Treasure Chest symbols play the role and any wins with these are added to win lines and multiplied by the bets. The Skeleton Key is the substitute symbol and it can sub for all other symbols in the game except for the Galleons and the Treasure Chests.

You can play Penguin Power Slots manually or else you can opt to press the Auto play and the game will run automatically for you. Sit back and watch as your winnings pile up automatically. This actually makes your game go faster and whenever you decide you do not want to use Auto play anymore, all you have to do is to stop it manually. Alternately, Auto play will automatically stop when you run out of money.

You can play this game for fun money in order to practise Pirate Isle Slots and gain experience in this game. When you feel that you are confident enough to try your luck, you can then switch to real money.

So what are you waiting for? Start playing Pirate Isle Slots today and join the pirates in their world as you join them in their daily routine, mingling with the sea faring folk on a pirate ship. Discover the treasure that lies within, and increase your possibilities of winning and uncovering free games. Take part in the Random Progressive Jackpot when you least expect it and have a great time playing Pirate Isle Slots!

Are you ready to become a part of the pirate world in Pirate Isle Slots? It takes guts, it takes perseverance and a good stomach to become a pirate. Do you have what it takes to become a sea dog? Discover the treasure that lies in the Pirate’s world when you win and when you uncover free games. Have a great time playing Pirate Isle Slots!