Eternal Love Slots

Welcome to the dark world of Vampire romance where there is mystery and romance all around just like the atmosphere in the Twilight Saga. Bats are fluttering all around you in this dark and mysterious world where you can meet the alluring and mysterious Vampires of Eternal Love.

Be prepared to enter into a world of eternal romance with 243 pay lines over 5 reels. It is exciting playing Eternal Love Slot where you can see old temples under the cloud covered night with bats fluttering in the sky. So what are you waiting for? Play this exciting game of Eternal Love Slots where everywhere around is dark and mysterious and you can see old temples under the cloud covered night with bats fluttering in the sky. So what are you waiting for to start playing this game right away?

Eternal Love Slots has haunting music to tease your senses in a deeply romantic and darkly suspenseful charm. Listen to the rock music and take a look at the symbols which resemble two male Vampires, a female Vampiress, ruby and sapphire jewellery and tombstones. You can win 10 free games when you land three old coin symbol scatters anywhere on the reel. A life force meter hides a win value of 3x to 100x the triggering bet, which is revealed after the 10 free games. If the win from the 10 free games has not reached the Life Force number then the Extended Life Feature is triggered.

There is a meter which hides a win value of 3 times to 100 times the triggering bet and this is revealed after the 10 free games. If the win from the 10 free games has not reached the Life Force number, then the Extended Life Feature is triggered.

The Extended Life Feature gives you extra free games which are played until the feature win reaches the Life Force Value, but on each extra free game the Life Force meter increases by 1 time to 10 times the triggering bet! The Life Force value can rise all the way to 1,000 times the triggering bet.

Eternal Love Wilds or else "The Eternal Love" is a grouped wild symbol on reel 2 and on reel 4 and counts for all the symbols except for the scatters. Each "Eternal Love" multiplies the prize by 1 time, 2 times or 3 times when appearing in a win. You can win up to 81 times your bet! The Scatter Pays is the old coin symbol and aside from awarding free games as mentioned previously, this will also score you instant prizes for hits of two or more. If you manage to land 2, 3, 4 or 5 anywhere on the reels to win 1 time, 2 times, 25 times or 200 times your total bet respectively!

To start playing this game, all you have to do is to choose your bet size and the number of lines you want to bet on. Then, simply press the Spin button. If you would like the game to be played automatically for you, then press the Auto Play button and the reels will spin automatically for you. This will also make the game go faster. Get ready to get the surprise of your life as the reels spin rapidly and your winnings pile up. When you want to start spinning the reels again yourself, then press the Auto Stop button and press the Spin button once more. Prepare yourself for a game which will give you wins over and over again.

Eternal Love Slots also has a random progressive jackpot which can be won at any given time during the game when you least expect it. It does not really matter how much you wager, as the jackpot winnings are not consistent with the amount of money that you wager. The progressive jackpot will randomly increase your winnings no matter how large or how small your bet is.

There are lots of ways of winning in Eternal Love Slots and it is easy to play this game and win. If you like the dark world of Dracula and bats and suspense in a romantic setting, then this is the game for you.

This is a vampire-themed slot filled with some interesting features. The main story behind the slot is the never-ending, eternal love. For a mystical creepy look the reels are set between 2 lit torches and against the cemetery backdrop. The reels have an animated blood mist surrounding them and sit on top of a backdrop of a haunted vampire landscape featuring a vampire tomb, bats, headstones and Victorian style dress feature prominently Bram Stoker.

Though love may not be eternal on Valentine's Day, Eternal Love Slots will keep you playing longer and longer every time. Have you got eternal love for this slot?