Fire Dragon Slots

Dragons breathe fire, and so does Fire Dragon Slots, a unique five-reel game that puts the world-famous movie star Jackie Chan back into the spotlight and the saddle. Let's get to the exciting and rewarding details of this explosive slot game.

Real-Time Gaming Finds The Orient

Asian games continue drawing a global audience, and Real-Time Gaming is at the center of this success. Real-Time Gaming is one of the critical gaming engines that took the Asian genre and expanded it to bigger and better heights. Jackie Chan is at the center of this expansive gaming boom, with Fire Dragons being a slot game that embodies the creative and visual genius of Real-Time Gaming. Fire Dragon also boasts some of the best Real-Time Gaming bonus rounds and creative gameplay that you'll find on the market. Fire Dragon also has cinematic qualities, another essential avenue, and a trademark that Real-Time Gaming hangs its hat on.

Practice With The Master

Jackie Chan is up there with the best of them when it comes to Marital arts, and it shows when you play Fire Dragon Slots. There's no rush to have your timing all down in one motion, for you can quickly play practice rounds for the game's feel.

The Feel Of The Game Works

Fire Dragon takes place in a similar set of the hit film from the 1980s, Fire Dragon. If you are unfamiliar with Fire Dragon, you can play this sterling title in the middle of the forest, where the exciting gameplay occurs. The fonts and the reels are all the mode of this phenomenal game piece and time, so you are in store for a totally immersive experience. Yes, Jackie Chan makes a grand appearance on the titles. Like the other Jackie Chan-inspired films, Fire Dragon features cinematic inserts to help you get going.

No Problems With The Design

Fire Dragon is live in living color when it comes to outstanding game design. Real-Time Gaming always goes the extra mile to ensure you have what you need to work and score that crucial victory, and Fire Dragon is no exception. The gaming matters commence with pay line arrows to help you declare that critical bet, followed by the coin buttons to claim the actual cash bet. Fire Dragon also has the precious autoplay feature that enables players to handle bets manually or through the vital autoplay feature. If that's not enough, Fire Dragon has an options button where you can further craft and adjust the game settings to meet your needs.

Fire Dragon Breathes Fire In Many Ways

Fire Dragon blazes multiple paths to victory. Yes, you can burn things up during regular mode with sensational gameplay. Still, you can increase that flow through the dynamite bonus rounds, starting with the intriguing free spins round along with the vaulted progressive jackpot. We will talk thoroughly about these sensational game features and more further in this article.

Rushing Into the Pay lines

Fire Dragon sets you up for the prime win with the outstanding twenty pay lines. Through the pay line system, players have what they need with this system to take full command of the pay lines. Fire Dragon welcomes bold wagers featuring the complete twenty pay lines, or you can gamble on lesser pay lines as you see fit.

The All-Important Coin Bet

Fire Dragon Slots is here to the gaming rescue, starting with the precious coin bet. To break down more doors, Fire Dragon requires you to have additional coin bets. After declaring your desired number of pay lines, the next move is to work the cash bet. Again, that's where the coin buttons factor in. Fire Dragons welcome wagers from as small as a penny to high dollar values.

Step Into The Paytable

Fire Dragon Slots welcomes newcomers and challengers with a fantastic paytable system. We open the gaming atmosphere with Mr. Jackie Chan himself as the wild symbol. Jackie Chan steps up to the plate with the forceful double-winning multiplier, coupled with the total game amount for getting five of this beloved character on the reels. Additionally, the unique masks serve as the scatter symbol, and land on certain reels. We will talk much about these masks coming up in this article.

The man wearing shades and the warrior girl make an impression on the reels to the tune of 750 credits. The jeep, along with the dog, stands tall and rewards excellent winning combinations. Fire Dragon finishes winning combinations with the high-value playing card symbols, aces through nines.

Pick Your Bonus

From the beginning of this article, we broke down the power of Fire Dragon's bonus rounds. Next, we pick up the fabulous bonus material with the free spins round, which we will gladly discuss, but first, let's talk about the progressive jackpot. The dutiful and opportune progressive jackpot lands on the reels whenever you play Fire Dragon, so you don't have to worry or work too hard to score a victory.

Welcome To The Free Spins Round

Fire Dragon features the Amazon free spins round. A trio of the masks buys your ticket into this glorious bonus, where you begin with ten free Amazon spins and the chance to earn additional spins if another trio of masks lands on the reels. Again, the power and choice are totally in your hands.

Enjoy The Heroic Return To Player

Fire Dragon continues the winning glory and pace with a phenomenal return to player, a signature of Real-Time Gaming. Fire Dragon benefits from a return to player that ranks in the ninety-percentile.

A Pleasant Chatter Among The Internet Circle

Fire Dragon is a well-received game among the internet buzz. Fire Dragon is a well-received game with plenty of accolades to give this game a try.

Become The Next Winner

Fire Dragon sets the stage for you to become the next and most excellent winner. Fire Dragon has many promotions available at the online casino hosting this exceptional title.

There Is A Lot Of Fun And Gaming To Be Had

Fire Dragon involves you having the time of your life, but you can play all the practice rounds you wish before moving up to making a wager.

Real Money Is On The Table

Fire Dragon is set for your epic wins, but the time is now to place the actual bet. The exact online casinos that host this title have many banking options for you to swiftly and quickly get into the game, so you shouldn't have any problems getting into the game.

Fire Dragon Is Mobile Ready

Fire Dragon sets the scene with the gorgeous and exceptional play on the latest mobile devices so that you won't have any problem getting into the game.