Trigger Happy Slots

While there are several tales and stories about how the west was one, there is only one Trigger Happy scenario, which is brought to you by Real-Time Gaming. Trigger Happy Slots is a masterful five-reel game that lays it all on the line, and it definitively tells how the west was one.

Real-Time Gaming Invites You To An Old Fashioned Shootout

Real-Time Gaming is known for pulling a rabbit out of the gaming hat, and Trigger Happy is no exception to this rule. Trigger Happy sums up many things that the vaulted Real-Time Gaming engine stands for, including razor-sharp graphics and a bounty of bonus rounds. Trigger Happy is very interactive as well, which is another trademark of Real-Time Gaming.

Practice Getting Into The Groove

Trigger Happy Slots lays it all on the line, but there is no rush to make a deposit. Trigger Happy comes with a multitude of practice options so you can get the feel of this original gunslinger slot game. When you feel ready, nothing stops you from moving up to the big stage and placing your wager.

The Wild West Dominates The Show

Trigger Happy Slots is all about the thrill of the wild west coming to your virtual door. This shows up from the start of the game, where the exciting action takes place in the middle of a western town. The luscious and skilled blonde and redhead cowgirls adorn the sides of the reels waiting for action at a moment’s notice.

There’s A Lot Of Important Emphasis On The Design

Trigger Happy Slots puts it all on the table from start to finish, but it leaves you with an excellent game. Still, the vital game features are available on the game screen for you to use as you need to. We begin with the pay line arrow system and the coin buttons, which swiftly allow you to make the special bets you need to get into the flow.

Trigger Happy Slots also features an autoplay feature where you can quickly play the game automatically or rely on the manual play feature to steady your hand to get to the finish line. Trigger Happy Slots also makes it possible to tweak the options button to control the game further.

Trigger Happy Is a Multitude Of Things

Trigger Happy Slots comes out of the gate swinging with a robust winning system during regular gameplay, followed up by the chance of winning the extra mile in the bonus rounds. Have no fear. We will get into all the exciting battles of the bonus rounds shortly. Trigger Happy also contains the lucky feature and the progressive jackpot to make everything friendly gaming-wise.

Wrap The Rope Around The Pay Lines

Trigger Happy Slots emphasizes the thirty pay lines which are yours to command. Thanks again to the pay line arrows system. You can use all the pay lines at once, or you can rely on a lesser pay line wager to get the task of winning the west done.

Take Aim With The Cash Bet

The next exciting move when playing Trigger Happy Slots is to aim with the cash wager system. Don’t fret. Trigger Happy Slots provides a range of bets starting as low as a penny but quickly growing to high dollar values.

Pulling The Trigger On The Paytable

Trigger Happy Slots lives up to the billing with a thrilling and rewarding paytable. Remember those beautiful lasses? It turns out that they both serve as the wild symbols in the game. The redhead cowgirl falls on the first and the second reels, while the blonde cowgirl lands on the fourth and fifth reels.

The sheriff badge rises to the occasion as the official scatter icon, but it brings home 100 credits for five on the reels. The gritty sheriff leads to 500 credits while the horse gallops to 300 credits. The other Trigger Happy characters are the saloon, the boots with spurs, and the cactus. Please don’t forget about the high-value playing cards that pay anywhere from 120 to 100 credits.

Plenty Of Swell Bonuses

Trigger Happy Slots wants you to become the next winner, which is why when things don’t go your way, the lucky feature is eligible to kick in. In this scenario, you are given anywhere from five to ten free spins. There is also the chance of striking the progressive jackpot playing Trigger Happy Slots.

Battling It Out With The Free Spins Round

Trigger Happy Slots goes for the gusto with the free spins round. Once again, the beautiful lassies rise to the occasion in this bonus round. The redhead cowgirl will either replace the scatter symbols during the free spins round, or she will blanket the entire first reel. If you go with the blonde, she rises to the task of either covering the fourth or fifth reels. And remember, there is still the progressive jackpot that hangs in the balance.

A Generous Return To Player

One of the critical gaming factors in deciding whether to invest in a slot game or not is the return to player value. Here, Trigger Happy Slots blasts the ball out of the park with a fantastic return to player value. It is not uncommon for the winning festivities to balloon into the upper ninety-percentile.

An Outstanding Game Rating

Trigger Happy Slots ranks high in the entertainment value field, and it shines brightly throughout the internet haven of things.

Step Up To The Plate And Win

Trigger Happy Slots is a staple slot game at many Real-Time Gaming casinos. There are many promotions there to help you win, so please be sure to check up on them to find out the latest scoop.

Playing To Have Fun

Trigger Happy Slots leaves it all on the table, but please try to remember to have fun with this fantastic game.

It Takes Real Money To Win The West

Trigger Happy Slots is ready whenever you are to coral and win the west. The online casino hosting this game is sure to have a bounty of banking options to get you up and running in the win column quickly.

Trigger Happy Is Mobile Bound

Trigger Happy Slots is ready to lock and load on whatever mobile device you prefer to use.