Nova7s Slots

Blast right into Space and rocket to big wins with Nova7s Slots

Have you ever wanted to know what the galaxy and outer space was like? Now is the time to put on your spacesuit, close your helmet and hop onto a spaceship as you go for that ultimate journey. Are you prepared to take this challenge and leave the spaceship and float around in space surrounded by the light of the cosmos? Do you know that by taking the plunge and embarking on this galactical adventure, you could win lots and lots of money? Then …… let’s go!

Play this game of space adventure like no other. Nova 7s Slot has 5 reels and 25 pay lines. Including a total of 25 variable pay lines on 5 reels, Nova 7s also offers 3 great features comprising of the Nova 7 Feature, Supernova 7 Feature, and the Hypernova Feature. You can play on 25 lines and the more lines you play, the more rewards you will win.

Nova7s Slots features 5 reels and 25 pay lines and expanding wilds which rewards astronauts such as you with big pay outs. In Nova7s Slots you can explore the galaxy, place your bet, take a spin and win big. You can win 38,073 times the line bet!! To start playing, simply press the Spin button. The Menu button is there for any queries that you might regarding the game. You can also check the pay table tables if you hit the Menu button.

During the Nova 7 Feature, 7 free games are given and extra Red 7 Wilds are added to reel 2, reel 3, and reel 4. The Supernova 7 Feature triggers the Nova 7 Feature, however, all prizes are additionally multiplied by 7. To trigger one of the 4 exciting features, reveal 3 or more scattered Blue 7 icons on the reels during regular gameplay.

The Nova7s Slots features build on each other, getting better and better. When a Red 7 appears, it is a wild and it counts for all symbols except scatters. A Solar Flare is any red 7 on reels tow or four may completely cover those reels. A Nova is any red 7 on reel three which may multiply every win by seven. A Supernova is any red 7 that goes Nova and may also completely cover the reel. A Hypernova is a Solar Flare on reel two which may completely cover reels one and two; if it is on reel four, it may completely cover reels four and five. When three of more Blue 7s appear, the Free Games feature is activated. Scatter wins are added to line wins and multiplied by the total bet (up to 38,073 per line).

This is one of the first ever space-themed slots at the casino. These slots are destined to bring hours of fun to many players. Play Nova7s Slots by placing your bet. You can adjust your bet from the minimum amount to the maximum amount by using the up button and the down button. Press the Spin button and the reels begin to turn. When the reels stop, you will be paid out for any matching symbols. This is one of the most exciting games that you will ever play and it also has quite a unique theme. These slots are full of originality and are very kind when administering fee games, multipliers and cash pay outs. This really could be your lucky day especially if you happen to win 38,073 times your bet per line.

If you are looking for a faster game then you can do this by playing automatically. You can play this game manually or else automatically by pressing the Auto play button. When you press the Auto play button they game will play automatically for you. You can sit back and enjoy watching your riches pile up as you take a step back. It will stop playing when you stop the Auto play or else when you run out of money. This will speed up the game considerably.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to experience what it is like to be a real live astronaut and to journey to outer space along the milky way in Nova7s Slots. 5….4……3….2…1….Lift off! Launch yourself into intergalactical space and begin your mission through the galaxies in Nova 7s Slots. This game is truly explosive and unpredictable and it will have you shooting for the stars and hitting monumental pay outs on 5 reels of terrific fun, dodging meteors and unleashing Wilds with Red Solar Flares.

Nova 7s Slots will send your senses soaring and this is one game where you would not like to be brought back to earth. You will enjoy your time in space so much that you will want to keep coming back to this game again and again.