777 Slots

The classic and glory days of casinos from the 1950’s, lives again, thanks to 777 Slots. 777 Slots gives you the ultimate, vintage casino experience. Even though this is only a three reel game, it benefits very much from today’s technology. The game design is quite retro with slick, and shiny graphics. And for extra benefit, to make you feel included, you can hear authentic casino sounds, including the sounds of a slot machine going off.

The Icons

The red seven is the centerpiece. What’s important to note about 777 Slots, is that there are multiple modes in which to play the game. The first one is the normal bet, the high bet, and then there is the super bet. Getting back to the number 7, it will payout 100 times your bet placed, all throughout the game. The playing card numbers with the gold coins, is the wild symbol in the game. It has the power to replace the other symbols, at least doubling winning combinations. Remember, the mode you play, will determine how much you win. In the normal mode, you will get 1,000 times your bet placed. When it comes to the high bet, the amount will grow to 1,680 times.

You also have the triple bars, which is good for a 40 times winner, for three of them on the pay line. The double bars, will reward you with 20 times. And the single bars, will set you up with 10 times wagering requirement. You can also win in a variety of ways by mixing and matching some of the icons.

Innovative Features

777 Slots, comes out of the gates swinging. You can opt to hold your hands. What this means is you have the ability to hold one of two reels. You can opt to add extra bets to the held reels too.

Other Aspects

The power is all yours when it comes to placing bets on your own, or setting them up through auto play mode. In addition to that, you can set up parameters in which to setup the auto stop. There is even a button that allows you to speed up the game play. There is also a menu button for additional options. 777 Slots, is available to play at many online casinos that runs Real Time Gaming software. You can play it straight online, or for download.