Asgard Slots

Indeed it is a great day to have the gods smile upon you. Real-Time Gaming believes in the gods giving you a winning hand, which is why it is the proud developer of Asgard, a prolific and cinematic five-reel game where the Norse gods' power and splendor.

Real-Time Gaming Ascends The Throne

Real-Time Gaming continues its untethered dominance in the slot game world, and Asgard is no exception. Asgard is not only fun to play, but it is beautiful to watch, for it exemplifies all of Real-Time Gaming's previous standards that continue to draw a global audience.

Practice Among The Gods

Asgard awaits those who have the courage or who have been deemed worthy by Odin, The All-Father. If you feel overwhelmed with this privilege or don't want to rush into making a bonafide deposit, that's where the practice version comes in. Asgard permits all of those interested in sampling the game thoroughly to know what you are getting into.

The Norse Gods Are Front And Center

From start to finish, the vaulted Norse Gods dominate the entire gameplay and flow. The prominent gods, including Odin and Thor, make unique appearances throughout the game, and it is something we will dive deeply into. The game centers in the precious lore of Asgard, one of the nine realms of Valhalla. Real-Time Gaming also puts in an explosive soundtrack to help put you in the mood and set the stage for this epic adventure.

Immersing Yourself In The Game Design

Asgard continues to keep you grounded on earth with its user-friendly game design. All of the beautiful and intricate game functions are at your disposal. Asgard's autoplay feature relieves of the chores of placing manual bets. You can rest and play at ease, for Asgard's autoplay feature can handle scores of bets. Asgard also permits the player to place manual bets to take your chances with the gods. Asgard's options button provides additional functionality and gives the player the option to fine-tune sensitive game settings like the reel speed.

Asgard Is A Slot For Many Things

Asgard delivers the boom on a multitude of levels. We begin with the prolific free spins rounds that take you through the entire pantheon of the Norse Gods. We will jump into all of these exciting and rewarding game details further in this article.

Experience The Power And The Wonder Of The Pay Lines

Asgard takes the art of the pay lines to new and epic heights. This stellar five-reel title comes with 243 pay lines, and they are yours to command and control. Use the pay lines arrows to command the reels as you see fit. Of course, you can try to appease the gods in one full swoop by wagering on the whole 243 pay lines.

Declare Your Audience With Odin

Odin and Thor are waiting for you to make your intentions known. After you fix and arrange the pay line arrows, the next Asgard move is to finesse and maneuver the coin buttons to meet your whims. Asgard invites and accepts coin wagers from as small as one cent.

The Glorious Paytable Awaits

Asgard takes the business of winning seriously. It is so serious that Asgard has the entire pantheon of game symbols at your disposal. The golden wild is genuinely a sign from the heavens, for it doubles winning combinations. The dark wild is a product of Loki, and it lands under certain situations, which we will discuss in the bonus round.

Odin stands tall and dominates the game with 500 credits in his name. His proud son, Thor, stands ready to shoot down lightning bolts by paying up to 450 credits while his adopted son Loki delivers 400 credits.

The lovely and intoxicatingly beautiful Valkyrie stands true with her sword to the tune of 350 credits. The castle floats along in the heavens by paying out 300 credits. The rest of the mighty Asgard symbols include Thor's hammer and the major playing cards aces through the number nine.

Lightning Strikes In The Bonus Round

Asgard delivers the gaming boom in numerous ways. We begin with the thunderbolt feature, which occurs randomly after any spin. This process has up to five reels turning totally wild that produce divine wins.

Asgard Prompts The Free Spins

Asgard saves the heroism of the free spins last. We begin with the ultimate pantheon of free spins bonus rounds, beginning with the Goddess feature. Yes. The Valkyrie makes her triumphant return with 15 free spins, and she graces winning combinations threefold.

Loki steps up the free spins magic by ingratiating the reels with 20 free spins with a chance of his dark wild falling on the reels. Thor ramps up the free spins magic by dishing out 25 free spins with an incremental winning multiplier. The best of Valhalla is saved for last, thanks to the Valhalla feature, where Odin delivers 30 free spins with morphing symbols. Yes. You can amass eight additional free spins.

An Epic Return To Player

Asgard delivers epic gameplay, and it delivers a celestial return to player.

Asgard Continues Rounding Up The Rave Reviews

If you search the internet for slot games, you will encounter scores of exceptional reviews dedicated to Asgard. The only question remains, why haven't you played it yet?

Win The Norse Way

Asgard is widely circulated throughout online casinos that host and support Real-Time Gaming slot titles. These casinos also have dedicated promotions to help you win.

Having Fun Among The Gods

No matter how ambitious you are playing Asgard, please try to remember to have fun with this game. Remember, you can play demo versions of this game.

Find A Promotion Or Two With Asgard

Asgard is an established slot game, so there are dedicated promotions throughout the internet, including no deposit codes to make you a grand winner.

Play Asgard On The Go

Asgard is widely available and customized for desktop computers and today's smart devices.