Pig Winner Slots

The stage is set to have your personal Chinese New Year’s celebration and when too. Welcome to Pig Winner, a riveting and sleek slot game by gaming master Real-Time Gaming. If you have a hankering for Asian-style games, then you don’t want to pass up the opportunity to play Pig Winner.

Real-Time Gaming Breaks Out In Celebration

Yes, Real-Time Gaming is in a celebratory mood. This is certainly true when it comes to the creation of Pig Winner. Pig Winner encompasses all the award-winning values that Real-Time Gaming stands for. If you are looking for a superb slot gaming experience, you can certainly check that in the go column. If you are seeking a smooth virtual game experience, you can also put that in the check column as well. Pig Winner boasts some of the best bonus rounds you’ll experience in a slot game, and we’re here to deliver all the exciting and rewarding details surrounding it. In addition, pig Winner contains arguably the most critical game detail of all, countless hours of fun.

Practice With This Exquisite New Years Celebration

Pig Winner doesn’t waste any time establishing the game tone and the game flow. You have all the time and access you need to play some practice rounds with this fine title.

Chinese New Year’s Stamp Of Approval

Pig Winner plays and moves at a brisk pace. Real-Time Gaming puts in the extra work with a fine and elegant game theme that does Chinese New Year justice. The action takes place over a brilliant golden design that carries the proud tradition of the Chinese New Year. The game flow and the reels all resemble what you would expect from this elegant parade. Pig Winner is very intuitive and interactive, with the game symbols reflecting your winning joy.

Lead The Winning Band

Pig Winner rushes to save the day by giving you all the necessary tools to come out ahead. First, the crucial pay line arrows are provided to you to set the tone with the bets. Pig Winner sports a resounding 243 pay lines, which might be a load if you are a novice, but it might be just right if you are a slot game pro. Whatever your gaming level is, you can have fun at your comfort level. The same is true with the coin buttons that accompany the pay lines. Pig Winner also runs the course with an outstanding autoplay feature that further takes the gaming load off you.

Win Every Which Way You Can

Pig Winner plays for keeps. You can run the gambit of slot gameplay by winning during the regular gameplay mode, but you can increase the winning fun and pleasure by taking the winning grace and charm in the bonus rounds. Again, Pig Winner has a lot to digest and sort through with Pig Winner, and when we get to the vaulted bonus rounds, you won’t be disappointed.

Rule The Pay Lines

We teased earlier about the sweltering pay lines. To reiterate, Pig Winner features 243 pay lines that are yours to use as you see fit. Again, if you are brand new to slot games, you might want to take it slow by playing a small number of pay lines, but if you are game for big-time play, you might feel inclined to go for broke and play all 243 pay lines. But, again, that’s the genius of the pay lines.

Working The Coin Value Buttons

The next order of business is to work your desired bet. This is no problem at all, thanks to Pig Winner’s esteemed coin button system. Through here, your wagers range from a penny to a decent dollar value.

Take Delight With The Pay Table

With the gaming formalities out of the way, we now come to the main event with Pig Winner, the paytable. Pig Winner’s paytable doesn’t leave anything to the imagination, and it sports some of the biggest and brightest endearing characters you’ll find anywhere. This epic paytable journey begins with the golden pig. The golden pig work wonders by doubling winning combinations, but it only lands on the second and fourth reels.

The legendary Ying And The Yang symbol work wonders for you when you get the right combination of them on the reels. The Ying And The Yang substantially amplify winning combinations, but it sets you up in the treasured free spins round. The bulk of Pig Winner’s symbols feature the esteemed Chinese New Year symbols. Pig Winner leads off with the rat that delivers 750 credits, while the ox follows up with 300 credits. Pig Winner continues the winning grace with 150 credits, and this continues with the bouncing rabbit, followed up by the dragon, the rooster, and the horse. The rest of Pig Winner’s rewarding characters include the snake, the monkey, the goat, and the dog.

Step Up With The Epic Bonus Play

Pig Winner revs up the gaming flow and engine with the fantastic free spins feature. While Pig Winner might be light on the bonus play, it more than picks up with the terrific free spins play.

A Truly Special Return To Player Awaits

Pig Winner doesn’t believe in leaving anybody hanging. Far from it. The return to player is quite impressive and awesome, so you shouldn’t have any fear about placing your bets.

The Rating Is Through The Roof

Pig Winner continues to be the talk of the town among the internet websites that review slot games. Pig Winner continues drawing glowing reviews and a loving audience.

Win The Pig Way

Pig Winner is firmly in the bosom of the five-reel slot game section at Real-Time Gaming casinos. These same casinos offer a flotilla of promotions for you to use so you can make the most of this fantastic game.

Having Fun With This Celebration

Pig Winner is a joy to behold, but you don’t have to rush to place an actual wager. Remember, Pig Winner offers an array of winning options, but you can ease your way into this jewel through gameplay.

Break The Piggy Bank

Pig Winner capitalizes on all the standard banking and deposit options to get into the virtual lobby. These methods normally consist of credit cards and perhaps Bitcoin.

Pig Winner Works Mobile

Pig Winner works like a charm on home and office computers, but it continues to soar on all the major smart devices and laptops.