Zomberries Slots

While the zombie theme is legitimate, most of the titles are predictable, featuring zombies, the kind you'd find in a Resident Evil Game, but Zomberries breaks this mold. Instead of focusing on killer zombies, Zomberries highlights and rewards players with zombie fruits and vegetables.

Real-Time Gaming Continues To Be The King Of The Hill

Real-Time Gaming maintains its status as arguably the most dominant slot game engine on the market. There are many reasons for this success. One of those sensational reasons happens to be a commitment to original and bold ideas for its games. Real-Time Gaming spearheads the modern-day five-reel game that draws a global audience with this method alone. Another pertinent reason is a commitment to visually stunning and appealing games. Zomberries slots also fulfill this category. The third quality that separates Real-Time Gaming from the other developers is the inclusion of intricate bonus rounds. Again, Zomberries shares in some of these exciting qualities.

Practice Getting To Know Zomberries Slots

While you might be tired of reading the hype and reviews surrounding Zomberries Slots, and you want to dive straight into the game flow, you might want to consider playing some practice rounds so you can familiarize yourself with this unique title. Of course, when you play the demo version, you can experience all the game's qualities, but you won't win real money.

A Peculiar Zombie Trend Rules The Day

Zomberries departs from the typical zombie narrative, where mindless beasts are roaming around looking for brains. Instead, Zomberries focuses on cute, happy-faced fruits and vegetables taking zombie form. To help make the game authentic, Real-Time Gaming throws in a Shaman to make the effect complete.

Zomberries Takes Charge Of The Design

Zomberries still works and functions as a regular game when you get past the originality. You can take control of the game through the autoplay mode, or you can elect to spin the reels manually for your gaming satisfaction. Zomberries also features an options button where you can further craft and take charge of the game reels and other pertinent game features to meet your satisfaction.

Zomberries Pays In A Variety Of Ways

Zomberries delivers the winning goods through the regular game mode, or you can win extra bucks through the minor jackpot or the major jackpot that is waiting to hit when you get good and ready.

Master The Pay Lines

Again, Zomberries features ten pay lines which is a relatively low bar when you consider how prolific the modern-day five-reel games are. The pay line arrows are here to help you manage and situate them to meet your specific gaming needs.

Make Your Bets Count

Zomberries doesn't leave you hanging when it comes to the unique coin bets. Just like you can adjust the pay lines, the same is true regarding the coin bet system.

Let's Meet The Paytable

Zomberries doesn't feature a robust paytable, but the ones that it does have, are sure to have an impact. The blueberries, the cabbage, and the potatoes all have smiling faces, and they have zombie equivalents to them. Typically, the zombie equivalents pay more than the regular fruit amount. The skull consists of Zomberries' scatter symbol that leads to bonus winning multiplier wins.

Step Into The Bonus Round

Zomberries Slots is light on the bonus rounds, but you can still manage to win up to 50,000 times your bet when you play.

What About The Free Spins?

Zomberries Slots is a heck of a game, and it features your typical bonus play.

Enjoy The Return To Player

Zomberries doesn't disappoint with a fantastic return to player that ranks in the ninety-one percentile, so place your bets without fear or hesitation.

The Rating For Zomberries Is In

Zomberries Slots might not get the acclaim like other prolific Real-Time Gaming slot titles, but it still garners admirable attention.

Play To Win

Zomberries is available at select Real-Time Gaming Casinos. Rest assured that many of these Real-Time Gaming casinos offer user-friendly promotions to help you win big when playing Zomberries Slots. Also, you might want to keep a gaming eye out for third-party, no deposit promotions to make it worth your while.

Having Fun With The Zombies

Zomberries is ready to go, but remember there is no rush to place a real wager. Instead, Zomberries comes with an excellent practice mode where you can craft and hone your skills.

There's Real Money On The Table

Zomberries Slots is ready at select online casinos that also have many banking options to get you up and going. The typical banking options include Visa and MasterCard, which require the cashier's approval. In addition, depending on the online casino in question, you might have other deposit options like Bitcoin or e-wallets.

Going Mobile With Zomberries

Zomberries Slots is ready to go on your chosen mobile device.